junio 28, 2009

Simple plots are always the best...

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Nils 세르히오 dijo...

esta serie era genial en castellano...

Nyc dijo...

Estoooo.... cuándo vuelve el osezno?

Sufur dijo...

Ooops... olvidé esto:

Geering: The Colonel gave you a pill. Where is it?
René:I have the pill in the till.
Geering: Where is the wine for the General?
René: It is here in this jug.
Geering: The pill contains a drug.
René: The pill in the till?
Geering: Take it and put it in there.
René: Put the drug in the jug?
Gruber: (Comes in with the Gateau) We nearly forgot the most important thing.
René: (panic) Oh, my God! The Gateau from the Chateau!
Geering: What about the Gateau from the Chateau?
René: It contains a bomb!!!
Geering: A bomb in the Gateau from the Chateau???
René: It is to blow up the General! You must not let anyone light that fuse.
Geering: But where is the fuse?
René: It is the candle with the handle.
Geering: You do not need to kill the General, we have already arranged to kill the General... Do you not see? That if we kill him with the pill from the till by making with it the drug in the jug, you need not light the Candle with handle on the Gateau from the Chateau!
René: Simple plots are always the best.


Anónimo dijo...

This is one of the things making the life nicer... as The Fallen Madonna with the Big (you know) from Van Clomp



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